Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms and Attorneys

social media marketing for lawyers

Social media continues to drive sales to companies. For law firms, it works hand-in-hand with other components of your digital marketing strategy to create opportunities to connect with your clients.



At Legal Lead Pros, our goal is to use social media marketing to build your brand, drive leads to your website, and as an engagement tool for connecting directly with the community.

Why Your Law Firm Needs Social Media Marketing

Social media is where people go to get information. They turn to friends and family members on these sites – like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – to find out who to call when they need an attorney. They are more likely to trust a recommendation for legal services on a Facebook post than reading any lawyer’s website. That’s why it is so valuable to you as a legal lead generating tool.

social media marketing for attorneys

At Legal Lead Pros, we will work closely with you to create a winning strategy for reaching these potential clients, encouraging them to contact your law firm.

Social media marketing may contain:

  • Creating social media pages and accounts
  • Developing branded content for your pages
  • Tracking leads from your social media accounts to your website
  • Developing engaging campaigns that people respond to
  • Creating brand awareness

Social media marketing is an excellent way to build your law firm’s following. It is a good place for you to publish pieces that help your attorneys to become personable and accessible. It’s also a good place to create connection points with people in your community that need your help.

Social media marketing at Legal Lead Pros is always designed to meet your goals. It’s always done in a
professional manner, creating the positive feeling that your clients need. Our team can help you to create a successful campaign designed to address each one of your unique needs.

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